ENDS Report Issue 365, June 2005

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  • New PPC compliance audits

    The Environment Agency has launched a new programme of compliance audits to help target inspections of industrial sites

  • Land Rover under attack

    Greenpeace's campaign against 4x4 vehicles poses risks to brand and reputation for Land Rover and Ford

  • Cost of sewage oestrogens

    Removing oestrogens from sewage effluents to protect fish could cost water companies up to £10 billion, a DEFRA study suggests

Waste management

  • Composting risk to air quality

    A study by air quality experts has warned that ammonia emissions from open air composting could threaten conservation sites


  • Energy label ignored

    Business are ignoring the Energy Star label when they buy computers, despite the Government's promotion of the scheme

  • SEA Bill proceeds in Scotland

    A Bill to extend the scope of strategic environmental assessment cleared its first stage in the Scottish Parliament in June


UK policy

  • Dioxin expert group launched

    DEFRA has established an expert group including members from the steel, non-ferrous and waste sectors to help devise a strategy to further reduce dioxin exposures

EU policy

  • Metals sector looks at REACH

    Representatives of the metals sector are lobbying for exclusions for metals from the EU's REACH regime on chemicals testing and authorisation


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