ENDS Report Issue 366, July 2005

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  • Deregulation for LAPC?

    DEFRA is examining the possibility of removing up to 4,000 industrial processes from local authority pollution control

  • EU adrift on Kyoto targets

    Europe's greenhouse gas emissions rose again in 2003, leading the EU badly off course on its Kyoto Protocol targets

  • Sewage P-removal vital

    A modelling study has shown that water companies will have to strip phosphates from most sewage works to protect lowland rivers

Waste management

  • Crisis in TV recycling

    The UK's only manufacturer of cathode ray tubes has stopped using recovered glass from old TVs and monitors



  • Lords say Kyoto 'will fail'

    The Kyoto Protocol's reliance on targets and penalties to reduce greenhouse emissions will fail, the Lords Economic Affairs Committee says

UK policy

  • UK breaches landfill rules

    The Government has admitted that it could face infraction proceedings for breaching EU rules on landfilling hazardous waste

  • DEFRA unveils new KPIs

    The Environment Department has launched guidelines to help companies to report on their environmental performance

EU policy

  • REACH trial concludes

    A pilot of the EU REACH proposals involving industry and regulators has concluded that both need a change of mindset to make the legislation work


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