• Updated EIA regulations in force from 16 May 2017. Photograph: William Perugini/123RF

    EIA: Summary of revised UK regulations

    EIA Directive 2014: Changes to environmental impact assessment regulations in the UK that came into force on 16 May

  • Theresa May has called a snap general election to take place on 8 June. Photograph: Burmakin Andrey/123RF

    Manifestos reveal how Brexit will shape green policy

    The environment is unlikely to be a major topic of discussion in the looming general election but it will be heavily influenced by the result

  • Businesses, including BT, are turning to science-based targets as a way of setting credible emission-reduction goals. Photograph: Cathy Yeulet/123RF

    Science-based targets take on emissions

    A growing number of high-profile companies are adopting carbon reduction targets based on their contribution to global emissions and the Paris Agreement. Paul Hatchwell looks at how a more science-based approach is giving firms greater confidence about their sustainability goals and the resources needed

  • Figure: Main elements of a science-based target setting method

    The making of a science-based target for cutting emissions

    The Science-Based Targets Initiative has produced a draft guide to developing science-based targets.

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: WEEE collections continue to grow

    Since the UK implemented the recast EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive in 2012, it has consistently met its own targets for collecting electrical waste, this month's infographic shows.

  • Concerns around Brexit, incineration capacity and the impact on recycling rates are clouding the energy-from waste landscape in the UK. Photograph: Ian Sheppard/Alamy Stock Photo

    Rise of the incinerators?

    Experts are divided on the environmental benefits of an expansion of energy from waste in the UK, and Brexit is adding a sense of urgency to the debate. Conor McGlone reports

  • Steve Laking, president, Europe and Africa, Ramboll Environ

    Insider Insight: Steve Laking FREE

    Steve Laking, president, Europe and Africa for Ramboll Environ shares his career insights

  • ENDS Environment After Brexit conference

    Government challenged to provide Brexit business certainty

    A strong case is being made to policymakers for continuing ambition on the environment after EU withdrawal, reports Isabella Kaminski, but will they listen?

  • Standard reporting frameworks in the NHS means the CRC may have added unnecessary bureaucracy for no added value. Photograph: Lankowsky/Alamy Stock Photo

    Legacies and lessons of the beleaguered CRC

    A controversial scheme that started out as a major government initiative to improve organisations’ energy efficiency but has been beset by constant change, will dwindle to a halt in 2019. Paul Hatchwell looks at its successes, failures and the lessons that can be learned

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: The CRC’s fading role in energy efficiency

    Participants in the CRC have continued to reduce their emissions, but how much can be attributed to the energy efficiency scheme, which is has been beset by ongoing change, is difficult to gauge


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