• Martin Griffiths, visiting professor at Cranfield University and independent water and environmental consultant

    Skills gap widens as need for water regulation grows

    Martin Griffiths: There is a steady decline in the number of professionals with much-needed environmental regulatory capability and skills but these are essential for effective industry regulation

  • Kenny Coventry, professor of psychological science and head of the School of Psychology, University of East Anglia

    Changing perceptions: belief and climate science

    Kenny Coventry: Psychological science can help understand public and political disengagement with climate science findings in a ‘post-truth’ world and help scientists reach their target audience

  • Richard Hurford: excellent prospects for sustainability consultants

    A bright future

    Who doesn’t want to save money while helping the environment? Richard Hurford, consultant at Schneider Electric, tells Paul Hatchwell about why he sees a positive future for energy and sustainability consultancy

  • Myles McCarthy, director of implementation, The Carbon Trust

    Brexit increases impetus to invest in energy efficiency

    Myles McCarthy: As the UK’s exit from the EU draws closer, the weaker pound and new tariffs could make energy, as well as measures to use it more efficiently, increasingly expensive. The time to act is now

  • Michael Zimonyi, policy and external affairs manager, Climate Disclosure Standards Board

    Navigating the new world of non-financial disclosure

    Michael Zimonyi: A directive obliging UK companies to include environmental and other information in annual reports will make sustainability a bigger priority for business leaders and investors alike

  • James Curran

    Scotland’s tartan plan to tackle climate change

    The draft Scottish climate change plan attempts to bring together a complex series of policies, but pull some threads and they come loose

  • Paul Hatchwell, climate and energy editor, ENDS Report

    Tearing up the script

    Two massive political shocks either side of the Atlantic over the past eight months have begun to reshape cherished international environment and climate policy in divergent and unpredictable ways.

  • Ian Ross, partner and global PFAS lead, Arcadis

    Time to respond to growing global concern over PFAS

    Ian Ross: A group of new contaminants is triggering significant media and regulatory attention in the US, Europe and Australia, with particular concern over the impact on drinking water safety

  • Hugh Jones, managing director of advisory, The Carbon Trust

    Why are corporates getting scientific over climate?

    Hugh Jones: Some large companies are deciding to set science-based targets on climate change and are even looking at what might be needed to achieve the 1.5°C ambition. What’s in it for them?

  • Dr Peter Bonfield, chairman, Property Flood Resilience Action Plan

    Preparation is everything when talking flood resilience

    Peter Bonfield: As floods become more common, a DEFRA-appointed team is working on measures to encourage householders and businesses to make their properties more resilient to flooding

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