Career quandary: What contact details should I include on my CV?

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Neville Rose, director at CV Writers answers our reader's career dilemma on what contacts to include in a CV having worked abroad.

Question: I am British and currently work as a wind engineer in China and would like to apply for jobs in the UK but am worried my address and location may put employers off. What contact details should I include in my CV?

Neville Rose says...

Of course, you must always include contact details in a CV. Typically it is fine to just include a telephone number and email address. Essentially, you want to give details that will enable the recruiter or employer to contact you most quickly. Therefore, include a mobile number rather than home telephone number if you are likely to respond to this more swiftly.

You should always include an email address. Preferably this should be a personal email address. You may not want anyone at your current employer to know that you are looking for work and any correspondence to your work email stands the risk of being found. Likewise, make sure your personal email address sounds professional. may have humorous connotations between friends but the joke may be lost with a recruiter having a bad day.

Including a postal address is an option though not absolutely necessary. It is a question of thinking through what is right for your particular situation. For instance, if you have a UK correspondence address that is close to the location of a job you are applying for then it could be worth including this. That would certainly eradicate any location perception problems. If you are not there, however, you need to be sure that whoever picks up your post is very reliable.

So, definitely include a mobile telephone number and email address. You don’t have to include a postal address and it is only worth considering this if it would positively influence your application.

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