What are the hottest environment jobs in London?

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A snapshot of some of the top environment jobs in London right now; focusing on the skills you need to succeed

More than 50 environment jobs in the Greater London area were advertised on ENDSjobsearch in March. Sustainability, ecology and environmental management roles are among the most prevalent in the region.  We explain more about what these roles involve and what it takes to succeed in these sectors.

Sustainability consultant

Throughout March 2016, more than 60 sustainability roles were advertised on the ENDS job site and 13 roles of these London based roles are currently live.

Sustainability or environmental consultants typically use analytical data and observational skills to propose how clients can minimise environmental damage and adapt sustainable solutions to meet changing demands. Key skills required for the role include good technical, analytical, communication and project management skills.

Starting salaries for graduate consultants range from £19,000 to £22,000 per annum, rising to £35,000 as a fully fledged sustainability consultant, with the potential to earn higher salaries in more senior consultancy positions.

Have a look at what else you need to start or progress a career as an environmental/sustainability consultant and explore related roles such as sustainability manager.


In the last month there were more than 100 ecology and conservation roles advertised on ENDSjobsearch, of these eight roles are currently live in London.

Some of the key responsibilities of an ecologist include conducting field surveys, interpreting data and writing reports. Key skills required for the role include strong report-writing, project management, analytical and communication skills. Candidates also need good field and surveying skills, up-to-date knowledge of environmental legislation, an understanding of statistics and the ability to use GIS and other specialist software for recording, analysing and presenting data and reports.

Ecologists typically earn between £22,000 and £30,000, rising to £40,000 in more senior positions.

Find out more about what is involved in a typical ecologist role.

Environmental management

In the last month, 55 environmental management roles were advertised on the ENDS job site, and 14 roles are currently live in London.

Environmental management is a broad area encompassing a range of roles ranging from environment and sustainability consultancy to strategic and integrated impact environmental assessment positions. This area of work typically involves developing and implementing environmental strategies and action plans that ensure corporate sustainable development and leading the implementation of environmental policies and practices.

Environmental management salaries typically range from £30,000-£35,000 and can rise above £50,000 with experience and seniority.

Ben Goodson, recruitment sales manager for ENDSjobsearch, commented: “London is attracting talent across all areas of energy and environment with a range of exciting job opportunities available. Sustainability, ecology and environmental management roles are among the most prevalent in London and we expect this trend to continue throughout the year.

“All large businesses, from a wide variety of sectors including FMCG, retail and automotive, are now taking their environmental responsibilities much more seriously and factoring this into their workforce. This means that there will be a growing number of opportunities for environmental professionals in London and the rest of the UK over the coming years.

“Over the next 10 years we are likely to see a steady increase in flood risk consultancy roles in London as climate change takes hold and increases the risk of flooding in the region.”

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*Number of live roles in London correct as of 30.03.16 and may be higher for the full month.