Jobseeker Viewpoint: Christina Hanna

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Environment jobs play a key part in creating a sustainable future. Christina Hanna, a recent environment and sustainability graduate, tells ENDSjobsearch why the environment is such a hot topic at the moment, what attracts her to the sector and why air quality, waste and recycling are of particular interest to her.

The environment affects us all

The environment is a hot topic at the moment. One of its most attractive qualities is how the sector affects us all.

The planet we live in is constantly evolving, people are changing, and the planet is facing a multitude of difficulties adjusting to these changes.

We live in an age where we want things instantly and this can lead to negative impacts such as waste and pollution.

The government is desperate for innovative and cost-effective ways in which to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. And this is generating an increasing number of job opportunities for experts in the environmental research field.

IEMA accreditation helps equip you for environmental roles

As part of my BSc honours degree in environment and sustainability at Staffordshire University, l was also able to obtain accreditation from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

This has helped to equip me for a role in the environment sector as it covered report writing, team working and an understanding of the ISO 1400 standards.

Waste, recycling and air quality - my key areas of interest

Waste and recycling are among the areas that interest me the most because they have an immediate impact on the way we live. A forward-thinking recycling and waste management system is critical in ensuring that the resources we use are not wasted and are disposed of in a way which has the least impact on the environment.

Air quality and CO2 emissions is another area that interests me. The air we breathe is being polluted in many ways, not least by cars and aeroplanes, which we take for granted every day. In Greater London alone, fossil fuel-related air pollution kills approximately 3389 people each year.

This makes it essential air pollution is tackled.

Keeping abreast of industry trends

Aside from the Ends Report and Endsjobsearch, I would recommend the BBC environment website, National Geographic magazine and the Environmentalist magazine.

I find the IEMA website useful too.

Environmental jobs are key to creating a sustainable future

It is crucial that we find ways to reduce the impact of pollution on the world and find ways to engage the public in thinking about their impact.

But a lot of research is needed in this area and this had led to a huge opening in the environmental job market.

I want to be part of this important work to influence businesses and the public to create a more sustainable future for current and future generations.

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