Insider Insight: Tiffany Pearson-Davies

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Sunderland-based Cedrec recently appointed Tiffany Pearson-Davies as their new environmental health and safety consultant to support growing demand for its services. Tiffany tells us how work experience and enthusiasm landed her this position, why sustainability is the future, and shares some of her tips for those about to start a career in sustainability.

Q: How did you land your current job?

A: During university one of my lecturers informed the class of a book club “Green Thinkers”. Being a big reader and clearly having an interest in sustainability, I was more than excited to attend. Years later an acquaintance messaged me over LinkedIn, a consultant from Cedrec, asking if I was interested in a vacancy.

Q: What has helped you get where you are in your career?

A: My education set the foundation, and I had amazing teachers throughout my schooling, but it was ultimately my work experience and enthusiasm that has solidified my position today and will likely impact the path I take in the future.

Q: Do you have any tips for people about to embark in your field on how to make a success out of their careers in sustainability?

A: Take as many opportunities as you can and talk to people. Ask them how you compare to their ideal candidate, working on the attributes you lack and gaining experience to help convey those you have already acquired. Most importantly be determined and enthusiastic about what you want to do.

Q: Who have been your role models in your career?

A: My Grandfather was a role model. He taught me that I can be highly invested in the seriously complex workings of the universe and still enjoy cartoons. A past mentor I had during work experience was a brilliant role model. She pushed the boundaries, enthused people, rolling out fantastic results.

Q: What qualifications have been necessary/most beneficial in your career?

A:No doubt my Geography BSc was essential, but I believe in variety and other subjects during my further education certainly helped me more than I thought they would. Examples would be History and Sociology.

Q: A subject you are particularly passionate about to illustrate commitment to the industry?

A: In university I did some research on climate engineering and focused a presentation on the subject. I think it is cheap of people to think that we can counter our mistakes with fossil fuel reliance etcetera with sulphur screens or global sunshades. The technology is interesting, but harmful.

Q: How do you feel about CPD/Training?

A: Learning in life never stops and it should be the same where your career is concerned. It is vital to stay updated and informed. This field is always developing and humans have survived due to their capabilities to adjust to their environment, so I’m very positive about training.

Q: What does the future have in store for your industry – choppy waters ahead or a fruitful and secure future?

A: Sustainability is the future. Without making the necessary changes to our lifestyle as a race we will not likely survive the current (and past) forces we impose on the Earth and its resources. Historically, humans adapt to survive. This is why I know my field will be fruitful.

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