Circular economy job opportunities mapped out by constituency

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WRAP’s tool will help prospective employees gain a regional view of UK circular economy job opportunities

Resources charity WRAP has launched an online tool designed to show circular economy job opportunities for each parliamentary constituency.

The interactive online tool created through Google, is aimed at allowing job seekers to look at each constituency and research the scope of its circular economy employment potential.

The tool shows the current unemployment rate, the number of circular economy jobs and the number of jobs there are projected to be in 2030 for each constituency in the UK.

Liz Goodwin, chief executive of WRAP, said: “WRAP has shown the jobs potential for continent, country and capital. But now we’re drilling right down to the constituencies - delivering indicative figures for MPs and their constituencies.”

In a previous report from WRAP and Green Alliance, it was estimated that over 210,000 new jobs could be needed across UK.

WRAP argues that this figure could rise to half a million if the circular economy agenda was to receive significant development.

Goodwin added: “Boosting the economy, providing jobs and protecting the environment are key issues for any government. However, the circular economy could offer real benefits in all three areas, and promises to turn these issues into opportunities.”