CIWEM youth prize on water set to make waves

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The final judging for CIWEM’s youth water prize will take place at Severn Trent’s education centre in Derby on 18 June

Youths between the ages of 15-20 could win a CIWEM prize of $5000 for inventing environmental solutions in global water supplies.

Competitors who have reached the final have all completed a water based project, creating a solution to a current water issue of their choice and carrying out an experiment testing their theories.

The winners will receive an all-expenses paid trip to represent the UK at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SWJP), an international competition taking place during World Water Week and could win as much as $5000.

The finalists will be questioned by a panel of leading experts, who will challenge them on the knowledge they have learnt during their project, before a winner is announced.  The judges’ panel consists of Alexandra Scott (Jeremy Benn Associates Trust), Mathew Robson (Jacobs), Maria Georgiou (Water Aid), Paul Horton (Future Water Association),
Professor Carolyn Roberts from the University of Oxford will act as chair judge. 

Paul Hillman, CIWEM’s interim head of membership, said:  “This is a great opportunity for young people to really get involved in the challenges faced within the Water Industry by researching, developing and creating practical and scientific solutions to water issues.  The chance to represent the UK at the prestigious Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition is a great opportunity.” 

“One thing that CIWEM can guarantee is a fun learning experience with the full support of a Royal Chartered Professional body.”