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Welsh Water is one of the organisations to offer a placement. Photograph: Dyr Cymru Welsh Water

NERC research placement scheme opens

The Natural Environment Research Council is offering researcher placements at organisations including EDF Energy, the Forestry Commission and Welsh Water

Air quality is a key election issue for environmental professionals. Photograph: 123RF

Air and circular economy top environmental professionals’ election agenda

Long-term cooperation on sustainability, air quality, the circular economy and low-carbon development dominates concerns ahead of the general election and Brexit

The UK's industrial strategy needs to be backed by more coherent climate policies and a financial strategy, say policy analysts. Photograph: Andrey Guryanov / 123RF

Industrial strategy needs coherent finance and low-carbon policy

Better access to green finance and a coherent climate policy framework are vital to the success of the UK’s industrial strategy in delivering a low-carbon economy, say analysts

The programme will assess feasibility of large-scale deployment of technologies such as biomass emergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). Photograph: Andrei Merkulov/123RF

Research programme to investigate carbon removal

The capture and storage of carbon from biomass and the use of steel slag to trap emissions are among the potentially game-changing negative emissions technologies to receive funding

Environment officers are responsible for investigating suspected illegal activities across a number of sectors including the water and waste industry. Photograph: Conor McGlone

Environment Agency slashes frontline enforcement staff

A sharp decline in the number of enforcement officers in England and the agency’s failure to rule out further cuts has been condemned by a major union

Photograph: Pavel Losevsky/123RF

Commercial water market opens for business

Businesses and other non-household customers in England are now able to choose who supplies their water and wastewater services

Environmental and sustainability professionals enjoy 70% job satisfaction rates compared to less than 50% for all professionals. Photograph: 123RF

Job satisfaction at 70% for environmental professionals FREE

Buoyant salaries, positive prospects for promotion and strong resolve to take on challenges characterise the environmental profession, finds IEMA, although gender inequality, Brexit and Trump’s presidency are concerns

Dr Rebecca Heaton is the head of sustainability and policy at Drax Group. Photograph: CCC

CCC makes controversial Drax appointment

Eyebrows have been raised at the CCC’s appointment of a Drax employee given the ongoing debate about the sustainability of biomass

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