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  • Businesses, including BT, are turning to science-based targets as a way of setting credible emission-reduction goals. Photograph: Cathy Yeulet/123RF

    Science-based targets take on emissions

    A growing number of high-profile companies are adopting carbon reduction targets based on their contribution to global emissions and the Paris Agreement. Paul Hatchwell looks at how a more science-based approach is giving firms greater confidence about their sustainability goals and the resources needed

  • Figure: Main elements of a science-based target setting method

    The making of a science-based target for cutting emissions

    The Science-Based Targets Initiative has produced a draft guide to developing science-based targets.

  • Paul Hatchwell, climate and energy editor, ENDS Report

    Time for a more scientific approach

    Paul Hatchwell: The Paris Agreems seem far removed from the daily concerns of businesses balancing energy efficiency and emissions reduction investments against other compliance and competitiveness issues. But it is not.

  • ESOS audit compliance rates are still only at 93%. Photograph: Auremar / 123RF

    Environment Agency steps up enforcement as ESOS compliance languishes

    Hundreds of enforcement notices and some civil penalty notices have been issued as the EA seeks to tackle continuing non-compliance with ESOS

  • Conservative Party leader and prime minister Theresa May. Photograph: Mykhaylo Palinchak/123RF

    Conservative manifesto skirts over environmental challenges

    It is still not clear what will happen to environmental legislation after Brexit if the Conservative Party is re-elected in June – but air and resources are unlikely to be priorities

  • Delays in implementation of new RHI tariffs threaten prolonged policy uncertainty for the biomass energy sector. Photograph: Peter Robinson CC BY-SA 2.0

    RHI reforms face further delays

    Controversial changes to renewable heat incentive tariffs and sustainability criteria have been delayed again due to the snap general election

  • Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron. Photograph: David Spender/Flickr

    Lib Dems stay keen on new legislation

    Five new environmental laws have once again been promised if the Liberal Democrats are in power following the general election

  • Dr Chris Tuppen, founder of Advancing Sustainability Ltd

    Insider Insight – Chris Tuppen

    Dr Chris Tuppen, founder of Advancing Sustainability Ltd with 27 years experience in sustainability, shares his careers insights

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