• Isabella Kaminski, deputy editor, the ENDS Report

    Settling the score

    Isabella Kaminski: Twenty years is a very long time in politics. Since its inception, the Environment Agency has battled wave after wave of deregulation and attempts to merge it with other organisations or to scrap it altogether.

  • Richard Macrory, professor of environmental law, University College London

    Brexit unlikely to give UK free rein over green laws

    Richard Macrory: On whichever terms Brexit occurs, a raft of international treaties means when it comes to formulating environmental laws the UK may find that no country is an island

  • Rose O'Neill, water policy manager, WWF-UK

    Archaic abstraction system long overdue for reform

    Rose O'Neil: The government’s revamp of water abstraction offers a golden opportunity for it to reaffirm its commitment to the environment, ensure the economic use of water and adapt to climate change

  • Gordon Miller, co-founder and chief operating officer, Sustain Worldwide

    Make measuring the impact of a product matter more

    Gordon Miller: There are challenges in producing an environmental product declarations but the long-term benefits could help businesses meet their carbon-reduction commitments and cut costs

  • Simon Birkett has campaigned to improve London's air quality for a decade. Photograph: Headshot London

    London needs a clean air revolution

    The capital needs to equal the ambition of the Clean Air Act 1956 to tackle its current air pollution menace, says campaigner Simon Birkett

  • Isabella Kaminski, deputy editor, the ENDS Report

    Down the rabbit hole

    Isabella Kaminski: After the initial shock of the EU referendum result, UK politics went into overdrive for three weeks of confusion, dissolution and resolution

  • Richard Macrory, professor of environmental law, University College London

    Courts and their approach to scientific evidence

    Richard Macrory: A case over conditions imposed on fishing licences illustrates the need for caution by judges when handling complex scientific evidence provided by environmental regulators

  • Howard Price, principal policy officer, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

    DEFRA seems to have turned its back on contaminated land

    Howard Price: After years of inadequate and ever-changing guidance on identifying contaminated land, the axing of funding from next year will leave local authorities in an even worse position

  • Paul Hatchwell, climate and energy editor, ENDS Report

    An existential question

    Paul Hatchwell: As Britain went to the polls on 23 June, violent rainstorms left much of the country in chaos. It was a fitting preface to the political and economic shock that both Remain and Leave supporters woke up to on Friday.

  • Peter Prior, executive chairman, Andigestion

    DECC needs to step back and focus on the big picture

    Peter Prior: Financial support for renewable energy should be about meeting emissions targets, not promoting technology flavours of the moment over more suitable, cheaper alternatives

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