• Book cover: EU Environmental Policy: Its journey to centre stage

    Book review: The unfinished story of EU environment policy

    One of Britain’s foremost EU environment experts shows how Europe is constantly reinventing itself to meet the increasing challenges of creating a sustainable future. Nick Rowcliffe reviews Nigel Haigh’s recently published book

  • Isabella Kaminski, deputy editor, ENDS Report

    A sea-change into something rich and strange

    Isabella Kaminski: Flooding once again dominated the national headlines over Christmas, with tales of devastating personal losses to homes and livelihoods, and the resulting criticism of the way the whole affair had been handled

  • Tim Pryce, head of public sector, Carbon Trust

    Involve local government in fight against climate change

    Tim Pryce: Cities and local governments have a key part to play in helping the UK meet its Paris commitments. But Westminster needs to give them the power and motivation to use this potential

  • Richard Macrory is professor of environmental law at University College London

    Environmental liability limits under European law

    Richard Macrory: The High Court has ruled that the Environmental Liability Directive only applies where there is a clearly identifiable adverse environmental effect

  • Alex Martin, senior regulatory consultant, Edif ERA

    Chemicals in products – diligence in compliance

    Alex Martin: Businesses are typically good at incorporating chemical management into new-product approval processes and vendor selection but poorer at maintaining effective controls

  • Paul Hatchwell is climate and energy editor at the ENDS Report

    Climate of hope

    Paul Hatchwell: As the gavel came down on two weeks of frantic diplomacy at COP21 in Paris, exhausted attendees at Le Bourget had a real sense of entering uncharted waters

  • Andy Eastlake, managing director, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

    Road freight is vital to meeting carbon targets

    Andy Eastlake: There is much work still to be done to improve the environmental impacts of heavy goods vehicles, but manufacturers and operators are now taking action

  • Philip Simpson is commercial director at food waste recycling firm ReFood

    The Autumn Statement has let businesses down

    Philip Simpson: The government needs the commercial sector to help it meet renewable targets, but the Autumn Statement has merely prolonged industry uncertainty about the future

  • Chris White, senior environmental economist, AECOM

    Natural capital: get the boardroom lingo right

    Chris White: Using language that business understands is the way to get the message about natural capital’s value to the bottom line heard at the top  

  • Richard Macrory is professor of environmental law at University College London

    Rethinking Aarhus and the costs of litigation

    Richard Macrory: Third-party rights of appeal in environmental and planning law could reduce delays and uncertainties, reduce costs and better reflect Aarhus requirements

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