• Hedges count as ecological focus areas (photograph: Patrick J Hanrahan/123RF)

    CAP: Greening measures

    The latest CAP reforms introduced a new instrument called the green direct payment for ‘greening’ measures farmers are obliged to perform

    Specialist Analysis
  • Paul Leinster, outgoing chief executive of the Environment Agency

    Interview with Paul Leinster: Walking the regulatory tightrope

    The Environment Agency’s chief executive, Paul Leinster, has retired after seven years at the helm. He tells Isabella Kaminski how he dealt with organisational change and why he welcomed the move away from policymaking

    Politics Analysis
  • Figure: CAP budget allocations for 2014-2020

    CAP: UK budget allocation

    Pillar one accounts for the bulk of the CAP budget: €312.74bn of a total of €408.31bn across the 26 EU member states over the 2014-20 period

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  • Maintenance of permanent grassland enhances carbon sequestration (photograph: Nagy-Bagoly Arpad/123RF)

    CAP: Pillars of change or greenwash?

    With reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy now being implemented environmental provisions are diverging across the UK, reports Robin Lancaster

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  • Dearman is one firm working on prototype liquid-air engines (photograph: Dearman)

    Cold chain technology heats up

    Cold developments are a hot topic in the food industry. But, as Conor McGlone finds, a lot rests on the UK to prove that it will lower emissions, reduce the impact of air pollution and boost export potential

    Sustainability Analysis
  • A wicker whale in a sea of upcycled plastic bottles formed part of a sculpture on show to celebrate Bristol's European Green Capital award (photograph: Paul Box)

    Whale of a way to celebrate a city’s green credentials

    Bristol scooped this year’s title Green Capital. But, as the government continues to send out mixed messages on sustainability, it is just one of  several cities in the UK tackling green issues at a more local level.

    Politics Analysis
  • According to the Humber authorities, rising sea levels could cause a flood that costs the UK £12.5bn in direct damages

    Trouble on the Humber

    The floods of 2013/14 were devastating for the Humber area but a repeat occurrence could have nationwide repercussions. Rachel Salvidge reports

    Specialist Analysis
  • Guidelines bring order to environmental sentencing

    New rules for punishing environmental crimes have brought about more consistency and higher fines, legal experts tell ENDS, but more should be done on the enforcement front

    Compliance Analysis
  • Joan Walley: 'There can’t be anything more urgent than looking at Paris and the sustainable development goals'

    Interview with Joan Walley: Life after parliament

    Joan Walley ended a 28-year career in politics at the last election to become chair of the Aldersgate Group. She talks to Isabella Kaminski about the move from the Commons to business lobbying

    Politics Analysis
  • A panel of judges and technical experts considers each appeal (photograph: Sebastian Duda/123RF)

    Environmental justice: Inside the tribunal system

    The initial trickle of cases brought before environmental tribunals since 2012 has grown and greater use of the system is expected in the future. Isabella Kaminski explains how the system works

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