Thomson's 787 Dreamliner is 20% more fuel efficient. Credit: Thomson All headlines
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Is biofuel aviation’s green ticket?

Sustainable jet fuel can cut emissions but output is far from the levels needed to deliver significant savings, finds Kyla Mandel. A global market-based measure is needed for immediate carbon reductions



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A waste-free vision for the future

ENDS Guest Writer
The government’s Resource Secruity Action Plan needs a more ambitious, informed version for a resource-efficient economy write Gareth Stace, EEF’s head of climate and enviornment...

Core business departments need to support corporate sustainability plans

James Richens
I’ve recently written a report for ENDS looking at how businesses organise for greater sustainability. Based on a survey of UK companies, Organising for Sustainability...

Knowledge Hub: the LGA’s antisocial media

Gareth Simkins
Last week, I joined the Knowledge Hub, the successor to the Local Government Group’s LACORS website. I was also persuaded to join Twitter, and am...