• The cost of climate change could reach US$1trn/yr globally. Photograph: RonfromYork/123RF

    Investment needed to protect the asset base

    Innovative financial mechanisms bringing together the public and private sectors are needed to address a shortfall in investment in climate adaptation, says Ian Allison

  • Paul Hatchwell is climate and energy editor at the ENDS Report

    Remembering Paris

    Paul Hatchwell: It is often said that climate change ranks with terrorism as one of the two worst threats facing humanity. In November, Paris had more than its fair share of the latter

  • James Wyse is national sustainability lead at manufacturers’ organisation EEF

    Helping businesses go where they want to be

    James Wyse: Climate talks and corporate scandals highlight the need for more sophisticated sustainability strategies and corporate governance to help firms stay one step ahead

  • Richard Macrory is professor of environmental law at University College London

    Paris deal could boost courts’ climate role

    Richard Macrory: A move to internationally agreed national carbon targets and a bold decision in the Netherlands shows how courts may have a growing role in climate change governance

  • Chris Large is senior partner at Global Action Plan

    Meaningful measures of behaviour change

    Chris Large: Solid evidence of the success of a company’s behaviour change projects can convince senior managers to support environmental programmes

  • Richard Macrory is professor of environmental law at University College London

    Is it waste recovery or waste disposal?

    Richard Macrory: A recent High Court case of an extension of sand and gravel operations illustrates the complexities of determining which process was involved

  • Tim Lang is professor of food policy at City University London

    Food culture is still the elephant in the room

    Tim Lang: The UK wastes about 1.9 million tonnes of food a year but still the government falls short on tackling consumer behaviour and an intrinsically destructive supply chain

  • Rob Cooke is director of terrestrial biodiversity at Natural England

    Biodiversity framework will boost environment

    Rob Cooke: UK biodiversity reveals progress in some areas but in others a more strategic approach to site conservation and protection could prove beneficial.

  • Rachel Salvidge is assistant editor of the ENDS Report

    Valuing nature: a necessary evil

    Rachel Salvidge: Impetus behind the natural capital movement is building.

  • Richard Macrory is professor of environmental law at University College London

    Supreme Court stresses discretion on EIA

    A ruling on environmental impact assessment raises vital points about local screening practice, how assessments are made and how domestic law relates to EU law

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