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  • Special Report: An environmental union?, April 2016

    An environmental union?

    The EU has a big influence in British environmental policy and standards, making environmental professionals relatively well informed about its workings. Does the UK environmental profession respect the EU and want Britain to remain, or has familiarity bred contempt? In association with Society for the Environment ENDS surveyed the profession to find out.

  • Special Report: Environmental Consultancy Market Review 2015, February 2015

    Environmental Consultancy Market Review 2015

    As we emerge from recession prospects are looking up for the environmental consultancy market. ENDS, with the help of a group of environmental consultants, look at the opportunities on the horizon

  • Special Report: Environmental Careers 2014, May 2014

    Environmental Careers 2014

    The UK jobs market has been a tough place to navigate over the past few years, and environmental careers have not escaped lightly in the downturn. But there are strong signs we are turning a corner, and optimism is growing.

    In this supplement we review the current state of the environmental careers market and look ahead to the coming year.

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