ENDS Report Issue 506, April 2017

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Highlights in this issue

  • Paul Hatchwell, climate and energy editor, ENDS Report

    Brexit’s hare and hounds


    Paul Hatchwell: March saw the UK drive deeper into a policy interregnum ahead of Brexit as prime minister May’s hovering thumb finally pressed down on the Article 50 button.

  • Around the globe, investors have shed $5trn worth of carbon-intensive assets and investments. Photograph: Iurii Kovalenko/123RF

    Divestment put to the test in the UK


    The Environment Agency Pension Fund was the first in the world to evaluate the climate change vulnerabilities in its portfolio. James Parsons investigates the challenges and opportunities in joining the divestment movement

  • James Curran

    Scotland’s tartan plan to tackle climate change


    The draft Scottish climate change plan attempts to bring together a complex series of policies, but pull some threads and they come loose

  • Anaerobic digestion plants are increasingly turning from generation to biomethane injection into the grid. Photograph: Future Biogas

    Decarbonising the UK: time to step on the gas?


    Biomethane could play a significant role in decarbonising heat and transport in the UK but it faces policy uncertainty and competing priorities for its use. Paul Hatchwell investigates

  • Julie Vaughan

    Legal briefing: Brexit and infraction proceedings


    Lawyer Julie Vaughan examines the effect of Brexit on infraction proceedings and the need for a replacement mechanism to enforce EU-derived obligations

  • Keith Patterson, co-head of renewables at law firm Brodies

    All up for grabs for energy in a post-Brexit market


    Keith Patterson: Energy is likely to form part of the UK government’s ambition for the “freest possible trade” with Europe, but the choices are broad and time is running out for the industry to influence them

  • Kevin Fothergill, chair, Hydrogen Hub

    Fuel cells: getting out of the pre-commercial trap


    Kevin Fothergill: To meet the UK’s CO2 reduction targets, we need to spring some of the newer and most promising technologies from the pre-commercial trap

  • Rupert Read is reader in philosophy at the University of East Anglia and chair of thinktank Green House

    A principle worth standing up for


    Rupert Read and Samuel Webb: The precautionary principle remains the greatest safeguard against reckless decision making that ignores risks to humanity, but we will need to fight for it in a post-Brexit world

  • Richard Macrory, professor of environmental law, University College London

    Planning decisions and the pitfalls of alternative sites


    Richard Macrory: A recent High Court case involving a council’s decision to relocate a school shows that failure to consider an alternative solution can prove fatal to planning decisions

  • John Woodruff, principal consultant, resource efficiency and waste management, Ricardo Energy & Environment

    Insider Insight: John Woodruff


    John Woodruff, principal consultant, resource efficiency and waste management, Ricardo Energy & Environment shares his career insights

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: Air quality compliance still under a cloud


    Air quality is an enduring problem for the UK, with few areas complying with two EU legal standards that should have been met by 2010.

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