ENDS Report Issue 502, December 2016

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Highlights in this issue

  • Isabella Kaminski, deputy editor, the ENDS Report

    Shades of red, white and blue


    The systems we’ve put in place so far to mitigate climate change may not have all the answers, but what has already been painted on the banner of progress is not so easily erased

  • ENDS Environmental Impact Awards: Enter now!

    Introducing the ENDS Environmental Impact Awards FREE


    This month we launched the ENDS Environmental Impact Awards 2017, a unique new award scheme celebrating sustainability achievement across the broad environmental profession.

  • Huge variations in local household waste collections make it difficult to model costs before asking packaging producers to pay for disposal or recycling. Photograph: WRAP

    Should producers have to pay?


    Radical reforms of packaging regulations have been mooted as a route to reducing waste in England, which is lagging behind the rest of the UK. Maxine Perella examines the options

  • Lord Deben: Governments aren’t always going to get it right

    Beyond 2030: from low carbon to zero carbon


    Ratification of the Paris Agreement and an ambitious fifth carbon budget have triggered a new phase in the UK’s journey towards decarbonisation, but hurdles remain. Paul Hatchwell asks Committee on Climate Change chair Lord Deben for his views on what the government should prioritise

  • David Small: outcomes more important than independence

    NIEA: we do what we can


    Northern Ireland’s environmental regulator has been beset by budget cuts and waste crime. Isabella Kaminski speaks to its new chief executive David Small about how it is coping

  • Steve Lee

    Steve Lee: Setting the right course FREE


    After 13 years at the helm, Steve Lee has stepped down as chief executive of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, but his commitment to the waste industry is as strong as ever, so he is not going far, he tells Conor McGlone

  • Platform at Crossrail’s Liverpool Street station being built in July: the London rail project is one of many major infrastructure projects under way across the UK. Photograph: Crossrail

    Building a greener future


    Can infrastructure be designed to benefit the environment? Jez Abbott looks at the options for embedding sustainability

  • Richard Macrory, professor of environmental law, University College London

    Habitats Directive puts onus on applicants to prove no risk


    Richard Macrory: Insufficient information on the potential effects of a proposed wind farm on red kites justified the secretary of state’s decision to deny planning permission, the high court has ruled

  • Matthew Townsend, international regulatory and trade law partner, Allen & Overy

    Balancing trade law and environmental protection


    Matthew Townsend: As the UK redefines its post-Brexit relationships with global trading partners, it has a unique opportunity to incorporate environmental standards into its trade negotiations

  • Martin Wright, chairman, Renewable Energy Association

    Look at storage technology to secure energy supply


    Martin Wright: As the government commits the UK to buying expensive electricity from an outdated nuclear plant for 35 years, new renewable solutions could offer much better alternatives

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: Wales blazes a trail for recycling


    Wales is exceeding its current recycling target of 58% by two percentage points and is on track to meet its 2025 target, according to data published by the Welsh government in October

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