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  • Changes to CfD regulations aim to improve visibility and cashflow for energy suppliers as well as stability of the scheme. Photograph: Michael Rosskothen/123RF

    BEIS boosts efficiency and visibility of CfD scheme

    A series of technical amendments to contracts for difference have been enacted after a long delay, cutting costs, boosting visibility and supplier cash flow

  • Volkswagen's reputation has been dragged through the mud since dieselgate broke. Photograph: 123RF

    UK VW owners launch dieselgate lawsuit

    Owners of Volkswagen cars in the UK are pursuing a £3.6bn claim for compensation for VW’s use of an emissions cheat device

  • RHI policy implementation sends shockwaves through Stormont. Photograph: John Mills / 123RF

    RHI mismanagement rocks Northern Ireland politics

    Northern Ireland has been lumped with a bill of up to £405m over the next 20 years as a result of over-subscription to its RHI scheme

  • The Dutch Urgenda case brought the first judgment to order a state to step up its climate ambition, although the government is appealing. Photograph: Urgenda/Chantal Bekker

    Could the courts bring order to climate change?

    Climate change litigation has a long history, but it is now going through an exciting and creative period mixing law, science and grassroots campaigning, discovers Isabella Kaminski

  • Paying landowners not to pollute conflicts with the polluter pays principle. Photograph: Kevin Eaves/123RF

    Polluter pays principle 'at risk of being undermined'

    Payments for ecosystem services and the natural capital approach could undermine the polluter pays principle and lead to rights redistribution, says a conservation expert

  • At £150m, the landfill tax gap represents 12% of the amount of landfill tax that should have been paid. Photograph: jaggat / 123RF

    HMRC reveals £150m loss to landfill tax evasion

    The misclassification and under-declaration of waste have driven an increasing amount of landfill tax to be lost to the public purse

  • It is unclear how upcycling will be effected under SEPA's proposals. Photograph: Pichet Wongpradit/123RF

    SEPA aims to clear up reuse definition confusion

    Proposals from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency suggest it will be stricter than its English counterpart on rules for moving waste destined for reuse

  • A project to secure an old landfill site at Trow quarry cost £1.8m. Photograph: Leannetpf/Flickr

    Landfill: What lurks beneath

    More than 21,000 closed landfill sites are strewn across England and Wales, with little known about the scale of their impacts on the environment. Rachel Salvidge digs deep to unearth an unwanted legacy

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