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  • Trees along the meandering River Wye, the fifth-longest river in the UK. Photograph: Matthew Dixon/123RF

    Forestry EIA in England and Wales set to branch off from Scotland

    Revised rules on forestry environmental impact assessments have proved controversial with Holyrood and Westminster taking different approaches

  • Standard reporting frameworks in the NHS means the CRC may have added unnecessary bureaucracy for no added value. Photograph: Lankowsky/Alamy Stock Photo

    Legacies and lessons of the beleaguered CRC

    A controversial scheme that started out as a major government initiative to improve organisations’ energy efficiency but has been beset by constant change, will dwindle to a halt in 2019. Paul Hatchwell looks at its successes, failures and the lessons that can be learned

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    Infographic: The CRC’s fading role in energy efficiency

    Participants in the CRC have continued to reduce their emissions, but how much can be attributed to the energy efficiency scheme, which is has been beset by ongoing change, is difficult to gauge

  • The CCC has published its recommendations on Welsh decarbonisation strategy. Photograph: Nicolette Amanda Berry/123RF

    CCC publishes recommendations on Welsh carbon emissions

    Carbon accounting methods and details on the inclusion of aviation and maritime sectors in carbon reports have been published by the CCC

  • Thames Water was fined a record £20m in March for repeatedly discharging raw sewage into the Thames, estimated to total around 1.4 billion litres. Photograph: Tom Arthur/Flickr

    Sold down the river

    Despite improvements the water sector continues to be responsible for large volumes of pollutants entering England’s rivers every year, so what can be done to stem the flow? Rachel Salvidge reports on plans to make private firms strengthen their resilience duties

  • A National Infrastructure Resilience Council could be set up to manage interdependency risks. Photograph: Ronfromyork/123RF

    Future adaptation reporting needs ‘stricter rules’

    Mandatory participation, two-year progress updates and standardised reporting methods have been recommended by the Committee on Climate Change’s adaptation group

  • The 'cash for ash' debacle triggered a political crisis in Stormont. Photograph: Josemaria Toscano/123RF

    Northern Ireland RHI caps formalised by EU

    Policy changes to remedy a mismanaged heat subsidy scheme in Northern Ireland have been approved by the European Commission

  • Photograph: 123RF

    Stock market seeks to drive down toxic chemical use

    The Dow Jones Sustainability Index survey will now ask major companies about their use of hazardous substances in response to investors’ rising interest in chemical sustainability

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