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  • Charles Hendry at the launch of his report on tidal lagoons. Photograph: Tidal Lagoon Power

    Rethinking tidal lagoon energy

    As the marine energy sector waits for the government’s position on the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon, James Parsons speaks with Charles Hendry, author of the independent report advocating its development

  • Rachel Salvidge, features editor, ENDS Report

    Bonfire of the strategies

  • Improved battery technology is key to securing greater adoption of batter-powered cars, such as this cut-away Nissan Leaf. Photograph: Tennen-Gas CC BY-SA 3.0

    Battery research gets £246m government boost

    The industrial strategy challenge fund will support research into electric vehicles, driverless cars and advanced materials

  • The small renewables sector is calling for redistribution of unused FiTs funding to hard-hit solar PV and wiind. Photograph: Jason Winter/123RF

    Small FiTs sector faces further delay on review consultation

    The small scale renewables sector is concerned an urgently needed review of the FiTs scheme will be delayed by the general election, and has called for unused funds to be channelled into solar PV and wind

  • Owners of old diesel cars could be paid some £2,000 to replace them, under plans under discussion by the government. Photograph: Charlie CC BY-SA 2.0

    Minister hints at diesel scrappage plan

    DEFRA’s revised clean air plan is expected to compensate diesel drivers’ clean air zone fees by subsidising cleaner vehicles

  • Photograph: Veerathada Khaipet/123RF

    Thirteen MPs back clean air clampdown

    Restrictions on polluting emissions from ports, airports and urban areas have been put before the Commons by Geraint Davies MP

  • Andrew Bird, chair, Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee

    Look beyond recycling rates for true waste reduction

    Andrew Bird: We need to move away from a narrow focus on weight-based recycling targets and extend producer responsibility to help local authorities improve their waste management

  • Thames Water was fined a record £20m in March for repeatedly discharging raw sewage into the Thames, estimated to total around 1.4 billion litres. Photograph: Tom Arthur/Flickr

    Sold down the river

    Despite improvements the water sector continues to be responsible for large volumes of pollutants entering England’s rivers every year, so what can be done to stem the flow? Rachel Salvidge reports on plans to make private firms strengthen their resilience duties

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