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  • Harbour porpoise benefit from MPAs. Photograph: Colette2 / 123RF

    DEFRA accused of ‘moving goalposts’ on marine protection

    The standard of evidence required for designating marine protection areas in the UK has been raised inappropriately, according to the Environmental Audit Committee

  • ENDS Environment After Brexit conference

    Government challenged to provide Brexit business certainty

    A strong case is being made to policymakers for continuing ambition on the environment after EU withdrawal, reports Isabella Kaminski, but will they listen?

  • Standard reporting frameworks in the NHS means the CRC may have added unnecessary bureaucracy for no added value. Photograph: Lankowsky/Alamy Stock Photo

    Legacies and lessons of the beleaguered CRC

    A controversial scheme that started out as a major government initiative to improve organisations’ energy efficiency but has been beset by constant change, will dwindle to a halt in 2019. Paul Hatchwell looks at its successes, failures and the lessons that can be learned

  • Charles Hendry at the launch of his report on tidal lagoons. Photograph: Tidal Lagoon Power

    Rethinking tidal lagoon energy

    As the marine energy sector waits for the government’s position on the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon, James Parsons speaks with Charles Hendry, author of the independent report advocating its development

  • Rachel Salvidge, features editor, ENDS Report

    Bonfire of the strategies

    Plan after strategy after bill has been lofted into the fire, fuelled by Brexit and fanned by Theresa May’s snap election

  • Burrator Reservoir on Dartmoor National Park. Photograph: Ian Wool/123RF

    DEFRA shelves major water law

    Legislation reforming the water abstraction system has been shelved despite the increasing need for a more resilient approach to water use

  • The River Medway. Photograph: Sarah Marchant/123RF

    EA flood defence contractors ‘destroying river habitat’

    The Angling Trust says it has evidence that ‘over-zealous’ EA contractors carrying out flood defence works on rivers are destroying habitats for fish and other wildlife

  • May has been urged not to weaken environmental protections. Photograph: No 10

    NGOs warn against ‘environmental race to the bottom’

    WWF, RSPB, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Oxfam and other campaign groups have cautioned against ‘scaling down’ environmental measures to ‘smooth’ post-Brexit trade deals

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