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  • Standard reporting frameworks in the NHS means the CRC may have added unnecessary bureaucracy for no added value. Photograph: Lankowsky/Alamy Stock Photo

    Legacies and lessons of the beleaguered CRC

    A controversial scheme that started out as a major government initiative to improve organisations’ energy efficiency but has been beset by constant change, will dwindle to a halt in 2019. Paul Hatchwell looks at its successes, failures and the lessons that can be learned

  • Thames Water was fined a record £20m in March for repeatedly discharging raw sewage into the Thames, estimated to total around 1.4 billion litres. Photograph: Tom Arthur/Flickr

    Sold down the river

    Despite improvements the water sector continues to be responsible for large volumes of pollutants entering England’s rivers every year, so what can be done to stem the flow? Rachel Salvidge reports on plans to make private firms strengthen their resilience duties

  • Sewage leaked into Dawlish Water, a stream that runs through the centre of Dawlish town. Photograph: Environment Agency

    South West Water nets third and fourth criminal fines this year

    The Environment Agency has prosecuted South West Water again, resulting in £150,000 worth of fines for polluting Dawlish beach and a stream near Exeter

  • Photograph: Pavel Losevsky/123RF

    Commercial water market opens for business

    Businesses and other non-household customers in England are now able to choose who supplies their water and wastewater services

  • Thames Water received the highest prosecution for an environmental criminal offence to date in the UK. (Photograph: Environment Agency)

    Do rising environmental fines signal a significant legal shift?

    Criminal fines for water companies are rapidly escalating but the change raises questions about the effect on pollution and regulators’ choice of prosecution targets

  • Anaerobic digestion plants are increasingly turning from generation to biomethane injection into the grid. Photograph: Future Biogas

    Decarbonising the UK: time to step on the gas?

    Biomethane could play a significant role in decarbonising heat and transport in the UK but it faces policy uncertainty and competing priorities for its use. Paul Hatchwell investigates

  • Untreated sewage was discharged from various sites into the river Thames, its tributaries and in one case directly onto the Thames path. Photograph: Environment Agency

    Thames Water fined record £20m for repeated raw sewage pollution

    The largest environmental criminal penalty in UK history has been handed down for systemic management failures at Thames Water

  • A modern urban wastewater treatment plant. Photograph: 123RF

    First code of practice for SuDS devices

    A standard on devices used in sustainable urban drainage systems has been published by British Water, listing technical requirements for manufacturers

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