Scrapping solar farms and bonfire of the quangos: 10 things the Tory leadership ...

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak

With one month to go until the new prime minister is elected, Sunak and Truss continue to battle it out over who will be the next leader of the Conservative Party. From scrapping EU 'red tape' to pledging to compensate customers during hosepipe bans, here’s everything you need to know... Read more

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Environmental Politics

Green tape and red meat: Would Sunak or Truss be better for the environment?

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak at the BBC debate

Neither Liz Truss nor Rishi Sunak are known to be environmental champions and both have expressed a desire to tear away green protections to impress the party faithful, so who would best protect nature and climate? James Fair reports

Environmental Law

WATCH NOW: Green watchdog chiefs on scrutiny, governance and enforcement


Available to watch on demand now: The chief executives of newly-established green watchdogs the Office for Environmental Protection and Environmental Standards Scotland discussed the UK’s emerging post-Brexit environmental governance arrangements with ENDS at this free-to-view webinar

Brexit Hub Regulation

What happens when the watchdogs attack?

Police dog barking

The Office for Environmental Protection has leapt into action following complaints that the water industry is not being regulated properly and Environmental Standards Scotland is up and running. They are nimbler but wield smaller sticks than the European Commission so can they bring public bodies to heel? asks James Fair


Interview: NFU president Minette Batters on why we’re all complicit in farm pollution

Minette Batters, NFU president

The president of the UK farming association speaks to ENDS about why farmers should not face prosecution for water pollution, environmental farming reforms and how much influence the farm lobby group really has on DEFRA policy

How thousands of tonnes of microplastics are being spread to soils

Person holding riverbed sample showing fragments of plastic

Huge volumes of microplastics are being spread to farmland in sewage sludge and little is being done about it despite concerns over the potential impacts, reports David Burrows

Fines Monitor Regulation

Can Natural Resources Wales be made fit for the future?

Llyn Dinas lake in Snowdonia National Park, Wales

A Welsh Government review of Natural Resources Wales is putting its lack of resources under the spotlight, with enforcement failings a key issue, finds Catherine Early

Water pollution

The debrief: How a restoration project removed 150 tonnes of plastic from a Lake District river

Man standing amid large strips of damaged plastic sheeting lining the river Keekle

HDPE plastic used to line the river Keekle to protect it from toxic mine water was causing environmental problems of its own, leading one conservation team to embark on a challenging restoration project

Environmental Law

The retained EU green laws that have been amended or repealed since Brexit

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency

As Brexit minister Jacob Rees-Mogg asks the public to say which retained EU laws they want to scrap, ENDS Report presents the environmental laws that have so far been amended or repealed since Brexit

Environmental Politics

The policy changes and compliance deadlines that need to be on your radar in the next three months

Sun shining on a field

Risk review – third quarter, 2022: The policy changes that need to be on your radar and the compliance deadlines to prepare for in the next three months and beyond. PLUS the most important prosecutions and court rulings of the past three months

Environmental Politics

What has the precautionary principle ever done for us?

Jacob Rees-Mogg, minister for Brexit opportunities and government efficiency

As the government’s post-Brexit vision begins to take greater shape, the role of the EU-derived precautionary principle in UK policy-making is looking increasingly unclear. Isabella Kaminski explores how we got to this point, and the arguments in the principle’s defence

Environmental Politics

How green is Alan Lovell?

Photograph: Allan Lovell/

The environment secretary has selected Alan Lovell as the government’s preferred candidate to succeed Emma Howard Boyd as the chair of the Environment Agency. Whilst in many ways Lovell comes from a conventional business background, his experience also suggests a keen interest in and knowledge of environmental matters. Here’s what you need to know

Power List 2022: the UK's 100 most influential environmental professionals

ENDS Report power list logo

The inaugural ENDS Power List names the 100 UK environmental professionals who have made the greatest impact in the past two years – as nominated by their colleagues, clients and competitors

Data & insight

Climate change

How the climate watchdog has graded the government’s progress towards net zero

CCC report card

The government's statutory climate advisers today delivered an assessment of the UK’s progress towards net zero, warning that ‘we have not seen the necessary tangible progress in a host of areas’. Click through to view the watchdog's report card in full

Waste water & sewage

MAPPED: The councils which saw the most sewage discharged in their areas in 2021

Image of sewage pollution map

The Liberal Democrats are seeking to weaponise river sewage pollution ahead of next month's local elections, as part of the party's attempt to take ‘Blue Wall’ seats from Conservatives. But which local councils have the biggest sewage pollution problem? ENDS has crunched the numbers to find out


MAPPED: The UK’s plastic waste exports

UK plastic waste export map

In 2021, the UK exported 469,405 tonnes of plastic waste, an analysis of official data by ENDS has found. Click through to see where this waste was sent using our interactive map

Environmental Law

The policy changes and compliance deadlines that need to be on your radar in the next three months

A lake with blue bell flowers in the foreground

Risk review – second quarter, 2022: The policy changes that need to be on your radar and the compliance deadlines to prepare for in the next three months and beyond. PLUS the most important prosecutions and court rulings of the past three months



Interview: The chair of Scotland’s new green watchdog talks about plans for investigations and maintaining independence

Jim Martin, chair of Environmental Standards Scotland

Jim Martin, chair of Environmental Standards Scotland, talks to ENDS about the nascent organisation’s early priorities, its first investigation and why independence from the Scottish government is crucial for the body’s credibility


Interview: Delivering a huge road-building programme in the face of the climate crisis

Stephen Elderkin

National Highways is a major owner of land in England and is currently carrying out one of the country’s largest infrastructure projects. How does a huge road building project make peace with the drive to go greener? Its new director of environmental sustainability, Stephen Elderkin, spoke to ENDS

Water pollution

Interview: Rebecca Pow on the great British sewage scandal

Rebecca Pow

What the environment minister thinks about illegal river pollution, the Environment Agency's culpability and leaving water companies nowhere to hide

Case studies

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: How a coastal flood defence project successfully piloted a new global standard for nature-based solutions

Aerial view of the Medmerry coastal defence scheme

A project that realigned 11 kilometres of the West Sussex coast, allowing low-lying land to be reclaimed by the sea and creating new wetland habitats, has become a ‘flagship’ nature-based solutions scheme and the first of its kind to successfully pilot a new global standard

Biodiversity / conservation

The debrief: How reuniting a Scottish burn with its floodplain is expected to deliver wider environmental benefits

A river restoration project in Scotland is seeking to deliver multiple environmental benefits, including reducing flood risk and helping create new habitats for struggling species such as Atlantic salmon

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: How a habitat restoration project is delivering environmental gains with a growing focus on carbon storage

A landscape-scale conservation project in Cambridgeshire that is seeking to connect two national nature reserves is evolving to reflect the importance of soil recovery and carbon sequestration for tackling climate change

Legal comment

Environmental Law

Legal Comment: How the government’s defeat on its Net Zero Strategy shows the teeth of the Climate Change Act

Simon Tilling, partner at Steptoe & Johnson UK LLP

The High Court judgment on the government’s Net Zero Strategy has confirmed just how much detail is needed to discharge legal duties and allow adequate scrutiny under the Climate Change Act, and will be of relevance to all environmental professions, writes Simon Tilling

Environmental Law

Why environmental non-compliance can have legal consequences outside of fines and community service

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by a former waste company director given a conditional discharge and a five-year disqualification order after being convicted of an environmental permitting offence. The case shows how non-compliance can have consequences outside of fines and community service, writes Angus Evers

Environmental Law

Legal comment: Why courts are reluctant to challenge regulator decisions

The rejection of a judicial review claim by a salmon farming company against the Scottish environmental regulator underlies the reluctance of the courts to interfere with decisions made by public authorities, writes Chala McKenna

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