ENDS Report Issue 283, August 1998

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  • Energy use increases

    The UK economy’s appetite for energy use shows little sign of diminishing, as growing consumption keeps the underlying trend in carbon dioxide emissions steady

  • ISO14001 ‘half-way house’

    Exxon and Procter & Gamble have obtained statements that their management systems “meet the intent” of ISO14001, without having to go through full certification

  • Rethink on waste reduction

    New research questions the received wisdom that the US Toxics Release Inventory has prompted big reductions in waste from industrial sites


  • Nike to phase out PVC

    PVC manufacturers have suffered a major blow following a decision by Nike to stop using the plastic in its sportswear products

  • Energy label fiasco

    Retailers of electrical appliances are failing to comply with legal requirements to label products to show their energy efficiency


UK policy

  • Agency’s waste planning role

    Local authorities are to receive “strategic waste management assessments” from the Agency, to assess the need for new sites

  • Review of utilities regulation

    A clearer environmental framework for the energy and water utility regulators has been promised following the Government review

EU policy

  • Solvents Directive update

    Formal adoption of the new EC Directive on solvent emissions is now only a few months away following publication of the "common position" agreed by EC Environment Ministers. 1 Emission controls introduced under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 will limit its impact in the UK - but even so official estimates indicate that 6,200 installations will need to take solvent abatement measures at an annual cost of £40-55 million.


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