ENDS Report Issue 284, September 1998

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  • Low rate of LAPC inspections

    Inspections of processes regulated under local air pollution control are running well below officially recommended levels - with some councils conducting no routine inspections at all

  • Boost for renewables

    Over 250 projects have been offered support under the fifth round of the non-fossil fuel obligation - and their average contract prices are competitive with electricity pool prices

Waste management

  • Foundry sand reuse grows

    The landfill tax is spurring the castings industry to find new uses for spent foundry sand - with a six-fold increase on last year’s reuse tonnage forecast for 1999

  • ICI’s recycling initiative

    A £1 million pilot plant to test the feasibility of a chemical recycling process for polyurethane foam is being commissioned by ICI - putting other producers on the spot


  • Moves on phthalates

    The world’s top toy producer is to phase out phthalate softeners from PVC teething products as two more European countries announce plans to ban the chemicals

  • Green electricity league

    A league table of electricity companies’ environmental credentials has been published by Friends of the Earth as the domestic market is opened to competition

  • Missing energy labels

    Close to half of the cold appliances on sale in the EC last year lacked legally required energy labels - and many manufacturers are making false claims for their appliances


UK policy

  • Phase-in for IPPC

    Proposals for phasing the transfer of existing installations to the incoming IPPC regime over the next eight years have been drafted by the Environment Agency


In Court

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