ENDS Report Issue 285, October 1998

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  • Industry oestrogen study "fundamentally flawed"

    An industry-funded study claimed to have demonstrated the safety of an important ingredient of plastics and resins is "fundamentally flawed", according to academic scientists. Instead of allaying fears over the oestrogenic properties of bisphenol A, the study appears to be a major embarrassment for the chemical industry.

  • CO2 trading in oil industry

    Shell is the second major oil company to announce a pilot trading scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Waste management

  • Waste-to-energy push

    Waste management firms are showing increasing interest in waste-to-energy incineration, with 29 new projects securing electricity supply contracts including six in Essex


  • Supply chain pressure

    DIY giant B&Q wants suppliers to demonstrate a full understanding of the life-cycle environmental impacts of their products



  • Slow-down on GM crops

    Limits on the commercialisation of genetically modified crops have been agreed with the biotechnology industry, along with trials to assess crop impacts on biodiversity

UK policy

  • Local authorities and IPPC

    Local councils in England and Wales have won their battle to retain regulatory control of some industrial processes under integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC)

  • Consumer products strategy

    A range of measures to replace reliance on eco-labelling to reduce the impacts of consumer products has been proposed in a new Government consultation

EU policy

  • EC environmental liability

    A revised draft of a White Paper on environmental liability has been drawn up by the European Commission


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