ENDS Report Issue 287, December 1998

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  • Nitrate controls on farms

    Farmers in most arable areas of Britain are likely to have to restrict nitrogen inputs to their land following a decision forced on the Government by the European Commission

  • Ban on leaded petrol

    US chemicals firm Ethyl is to launch its MMT fuel additive - which triggered vigorous environmental campaigns in North America - for use in lead-replacement petrol in the UK

  • Global growth for ISO14001

    Uptake of the international environmental management standard ISO14001 is growing at more than 300% per year

Waste management

  • Update on Wrexham waste

    Chemicals firm Albright & Wilson is refusing to say whether it will fund the clean-up of thousands of drums of its chemical waste stockpiled at a defunct treatment site


  • Doubts on “green electricity”

    A Co-op Bank agreement to buy electricity from sewage sludge incineration has highlighted potential pitfalls of “green electricity”

  • UK composting standard

    A new quality assurance symbol for composts made from wastes is to be launched aimed at increasing consumer confidence


UK policy

  • Congestion charging

    Powers for congestion charging and workplace parking taxes feature in the London Bill - but it is unclear when the Government will legislate for pilot schemes in other cities

  • RCEP on chemicals policy

    Chemical industry “product stewardship” policy needs statutory backing, says the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution

  • Big hike in SEPA fees

    The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has proposed increases of up to 126% in the fees charged for environmental permits


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