ENDS Report Issue 293, June 1999

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  • Hormone disruptors in water

    A study for the Drinking Water Inspectorate has found that many materials used to line pipes may contaminate tap water with endocrine-disrupting compounds

  • Sustainability standard

    The Government is sponsoring work on a new “sustainability management” standard, with the aim of drawing together environmental, social and economic strands

Waste management

  • Setback for battery recycling

    Plans for a product levy to fund the collection of used batteries have been blocked by the Office of Fair Trading - casting doubt on similar proposals for waste electronic equipment


  • Paint firms move from VOCs

    The prospect of an EC Directive on decorative paints has spurred paint manufacturers to develop innovative approaches to reducing the solvent content of their products



  • Consumer products

    The aim of reducing total resource consumption should be integrated into the Government policy on consumer products, according to a parliamentary committee

UK policy

  • Draft Bill on aggregates tax

    Customs and Excise has issued a draft Bill for a tax on aggregates - amid concerns that perversely the tax might hit recycling

EU policy

  • EC Environment Council

    Ministers reached political agreement on six legislative proposals in June - including texts on incineration, GMOs, eco-labelling and the EMAS environmental management scheme

  • Fresh squeeze on VOCs

    New EC proposals to set national air emissions ceilings look set to drive significant reductions in emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), especially in the UK


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