ENDS Report Issue 298, November 1999

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  • Wobbles in transport policy

    The Government’s transport advisors have concluded that significant growth in road traffic is “inevitable” - but scrapping the fuel duty escalator has added to the problem

  • Healthcare firm saves $100m

    An environmental programme at multinational healthcare business Baxter has achieved annual savings of $100 million

Waste management

  • BSE row over effluent disposal

    A Staffordshire rendering plant continues to spread effluent on land used for dairy farming - despite risks of water pollution and BSE transmission and many complaints of odour


  • DTI buys “green” power

    Over 25% of the Department of Trade and Industry’s electricity use will be supplied from renewable sources under a new contract



  • Queen’s Speech

    The Government’s legislative programme for 1999/2000 includes major Bills on transport, utilities, water and conservation

  • Environment Agency inquiry

    Trade unions launched a strong attack on the Environment Agency’s management at a parliamentary inquiry in November

UK policy

  • Fudge on water investment

    Ofwat has announced price limits for water firms for 2000-2005 - but the settlement falls short of the full investment programme sought by the Environment Agency

  • Delays in Euro-IPPC guides

    EC guidance on the “best available techniques” has fallen behind schedule - threatening the timetable for implementing IPPC


  • Food industry and IPPC

    More than 1,000 installations in the food and drink sector will come under the new integrated pollution prevention and control regime by 2002 - but is the industry ready?

  • Green taxation round-up

    Major changes to the climate change levy and the abandonment of the road fuel duty escalator were key features of the Chancellor’s pre-Budget statement

  • Environment spending survey

    End-of-pipe abatement costs dominate capital spending on the environment by UK firms, according to an official survey - though operating costs have risen sharply

  • Which installations are affected?

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