ENDS Report Issue 299, December 1999

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  • HSE slams safety reports

    The first safety reports submitted by companies under the new COMAH legislation on accident prevention display a lack of understanding of the new rules, regulators say

  • Chemical industry and CO2

    Steep increases in chemicals output have pushed carbon dioxide emissions from European chemical firms above 1990 levels - negating progress on energy efficiency

Waste management

  • Packaging crisis in 2001

    Businesses obligated under the packaging regulations look set to meet recovery targets for both 1999 and 2000 - but compliance in 2001 still looks unlikely


  • Toy giant drops plastic

    Mattel, the world’s largest toy manufacturer, is investigating the use of plastics made from non-petrochemical sources - a move driven by the row over phthalates in PVC toys


UK policy

  • Use of climate levy proceeds

    The Government has set out ideas for using a £150 million fund from the climate change levy to support energy-saving technologies and emerging sources of renewable energy

  • Review of LAPC guidance

    The Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions is embarking on a fundamental review of BATNEEC for processes under local air pollution control

EU policy

  • Setback for sludge spreading

    The managing director of a chemical firm has been fined and disqualified from acting as a director for running a process without an integrated pollution control authorisation


  • Waste firms and ISO14001

    Given its environmental exposure, the waste industry has been surprisingly slow to pursue certified environmental management systems, but the picture is now changing

  • Chemicals strategy unveiled

    The Government’s chemicals strategy, published in December, relies heavily on voluntary co-operation from industry

  • Trade talks collapse

    The breakdown of the World Trade Organisation talks in Seattle has left in limbo efforts to integrate environmental issues into the trading system

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