ENDS Report Issue 303, April 2000

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  • Pesticide tax alternatives

    Pesticide producers have come up with proposals for a voluntary agreement to stave off a pesticide tax

  • Rift emerging over NPEs

    US plans to set a water quality standard for nonyl phenol sixty times higher than that proposed in the EC will open up a rift in the market for products containing NPE surfactants

  • Aquifer water storage update

    Water companies have been examining the propects for the storage and recovery of drinking water in non-potable aquifers - a technology widely practised in the US

Waste management

  • Plutonium in scrap incident

    Slag from a Sheffield foundry must be disposed as intermediate-level radioactive waste after the company was found to have smelted down a plutonium source


UK policy

  • Final consultation on IPPC

    The Government intends to implement the EC Directive on integrated pollution prevention and control in July after the fifth consultation exercise launched in April

  • Long-awaited oil regulations

    Over a quarter of a century of promises have borne fruit after the DETR finally proposed oil storage regulations designed to prevent pollution


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