ENDS Report Issue 308, September 2000

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  • Chemicals stakeholder forum

    Even before its first meeting, the new forum looks set for skirmishes over the criteria to be used in selecting compounds for risk assessment

  • Electricity storage advances

    Fuel cell technology which could spearhead a revolution in renewable and small-scale generation is to be developed on a commercial scale by Innogy, part of National Power

  • Phthalate exposure shock

    New US research indicates that exposure to phthalate plasticisers is higher than expected - and cosmetics may be the source

Waste management


UK policy

  • IPPC arrives in Scotland

    Regulations to implement the integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) regime in Scotland came into force at the end of September, eleven months late


  • Climate talks cliff hanger

    The international effort to finalise rules under the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases comes to a head in November - but competing blocs in the talks look as divided as ever



In Court

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