ENDS Report Issue 312, January 2001

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  • Climate debate hots up

    Scientists are becoming increasingly confident that climate warming is due to human activity - and predict that the rate of warming is set to increase

  • Pollution inventory expands

    Emissions from landfills, sewage works and nuclear facilities will be published on the Environment Agency's website shortly

Waste management

  • Manchester waste conflict

    Greater Manchester Waste and the Environment Agency are at loggerheads over "soil-making materials" spread on land




  • Wanted: green auditor

    The Commons Environmental Audit Committee wants the Government to appoint an auditor to monitor Whitehall's environmental performance

UK policy

  • Companies beg for IPPC

    Tyre, board and cementitious slag firms have badgered the DETR into regulating them under IPPC so that they can qualify for climate levy discounts

EU policy

  • New bathing water challenge

    The European Commission has unveiled plans for a new bathing water Directive which will slash compliance and require massive new efforts to improve discharges


  • Preparing for the emissions trading game

    Plans for a greenhouse emissions trading scheme to be introduced alongside the climate levy in April are described by businesses as an administrative nightmare

  • Waste incident aftermath

    The fire and flood at CSG's Gloucestershire waste site have exposed gaps in Environment Agency waste regulation

  • Car firms' hemp habit

    Natural fibres like hemp are finding applications in car manufacture but declining subsidies and new legislation threaten their future

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