ENDS Report Issue 313, February 2001

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  • Climate change agreements

    The first 15 climate change agreements between the Government and industry were unveiled in February - but EC state aids clearance is still awaited

  • Chemicals site pollutes water

    Groundwater pollution from an old chemical works has contaminated water supply boreholes in Hertfordshire with a carcinogen


  • M&S to phase out PVC

    Marks & Spencer is the first UK supermarket chain to set a date for phasing out PVC packaging. Other applications will follow.


UK policy

  • DTI works on resources

    The new competitiveness White Paper has confirmed the growing importance of resource productivity on the Department of Trade and Industry's agenda

  • Landfill tax credits under fire

    Fundamental weaknesses in the landfill tax credits scheme have been identified by the National Audit Office

  • Shift to industry monitoring

    The Environment Agency has proposed a new scheme to place more reliance on company self-monitoring of emissions to air

  • Warning on waste treatment

    Sufficient capacity to treat industrial wastes may not be in place by the time landfill co-disposal is banned in 2004

EU policy

  • Busy year ahead for environment

    An ambitious programme of legislation and other initiatives has been set out by the European Commission - including an environmental liability Directive by the summer


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