ENDS Report Issue 318, July 2001

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  • FTSE's environmental index

    Two-thirds of the top 100 companies have passed the environmental and social policy hurdles set by the new "FSTE4Good" initiative

  • Fears on fluoro-polymers

    Fluorinated chemicals used in numerous industrial applications may be the mystery source of a potentially toxic compound that is accumulating in eco-systems

Waste management

  • Composting under threat

    Local authorities may have to invest in "in vessel" composting systems to comply with new rules restricting the use of composts made from kitchen wastes


  • Housing sector targets PVC

    Several local authorities and housing associations are developing policies to reduce reliance on PVC construction materials

  • EMAS threat to eco-labels

    Finnish paper giant Stora Enso has ditched the Nordic Swan ecolabel in favour of the EMAS eco-management and audit scheme


UK policy

  • UK misses EC landfill deadline

    The landfill industry faced confusion in July as it became clear that the UK would miss the deadline for implementing the landfill Directive by at least four months

  • Treasury on green technology

    Enhanced capital allowances for firms investing in environmental technology have been proposed in a Treasury consultation paper

  • Two-tier regulation plan

    A two-tier system of regulatory controls, set out in Scotland's consultation on the EC water framework Directive, offers a glimpse of future regulatory policy across the UK

EU policy

  • Five-year delay on pesticides

    The European Commission is proposing a five-year delay to the 2003 deadline for reviewing the risks posed by existing products


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