ENDS Report Issue 320, September 2001

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  • Nuclear industry seeks subsidy

    The Whitehall energy review has triggered a beauty contest between nuclear power and the renewables sector - and prompted the nuclear industry to seek new subsidies

  • IPPC applicants fail on BAT

    Applications for integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) permits are failing to demonstrate that they are using the best available techniques (BAT), a survey has found

Waste management

  • Rethink on composting

    Local authorities are looking at in-vessel composting of black bag waste to help meet EU landfill diversion targets and, if they can get away with it, statutory recycling targets


  • Developers shun BRE scheme

    A voluntary scheme to assess environmental standards in housing is winning support from housing associations - but has been largely ignored by volume house builders


UK policy

  • Air quality strategy revisions

    Proposed new air quality standards for the next decade include a less stringent objective for particle pollution in London - while Scotland intends to go further than England

  • Hike in packaging targets

    Companies under the packaging regulations are facing an increase in the recover target next year from 56% to 61%

  • Tougher rules on composting

    Open-windrow composting looks set to be heavily restricted under an Environment Agency presumption against new composting plants within 250 metres of buildings


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