ENDS Report Issue 321, October 2001

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  • Chemical sites lag on EMSs

    Almost a quarter of chemical industry sites lack a formal environmental management system (EMS) - but a new initiative under Responsible Care aims improved take-uo

  • Surge in EIAs

    The number of environmental statements has doubled since the revised EU Directive on environmental impact assessment was implemented - vastly exceeding official expectations

Waste management

  • Funding for fridge recycling

    Local authorities are set to receive up to £50 million from the Government to cover the cost of removing insulation foam from old fridges

  • Agency targets incinerators

    The Environment Agency is tightening up controls on emissions and ash disposal from municipal incinerators


  • Leaks hit fridge efficiency

    Leaks from cooling systems are seriously reducing the energy efficiency of supermarket refrigerators - and costing retailers millions


UK policy

  • Air quality bombshell

    Scores of local authorities may need to revise their air quality policies after confirmation from the Government that the emission factors used to model traffic pollution vastly underestimate emissions of particles and nitrogen oxides

EU policy

  • Fall-out from Toulouse

    The devastating accident at a French fertiliser plant in September is set to revive EU debate over risks from chemical plants


  • Corus plays dumb on IPPC

    Despite decades of pollution control experience, steel firms have avoided discussion of "best available techniques" in new IPPC applications

  • Tyre disposal after landfill

    The Government appears happy to allow energy recovery to dominate tyre reprocessing after the ban on landfill - even if this stalls the development of retreading and recycling

  • Shell plots energy future

    Within fifty years, renewable energy sources will meet a third of the world's energy needs, according to Shell's latest planning scenarios

  • Tyre burning in cement kilns

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