ENDS Report Issue 324, January 2002

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  • Emissions trading update

    The run-up to the launch of the UK emissions trading scheme in April has seen a flurry of activity by companies and officials

  • Chemicals in butter

    British butter was contaminated with the highest levels of brominated flame retardants out of 22 countries, according to a new survey

Waste management

  • Shanks to shut incinerator

    Cement kilns, waste minimisation and the import ban were blamed for the decision to close the Pontypool toxic waste incinerator

  • WRAP's first year

    The secondary materials support programme WRAP has unveiled its first 21 R&D projects - focusing on glass, plastics and wood - and announced a change of plan on newsprint


  • BA's waste savings

    British Airways and waste firm Grundon are finding that their integrated waste management contract is delivering shared savings


UK policy

  • Nitrate zones expanded

    Proposals to bring England and Scotland into compliance with EU rules on nitrate pollution will massively expand controls on farm nitrate and manure applications

  • Pollution inventory update

    Businesses in different parts of the UK will face varying requirements on emissions reporting as administrations gear up to report to an EU emissions register next year


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