ENDS Report Issue 329, June 2002

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  • DEFRA struggles to deliver

    The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has launched a sustainable development strategy - but is struggling with structural issues and budget cuts

  • Doubts on bioremediation

    Bioremediation is now an established option for treating contaminated land, but regulators and clients want stronger evidence that the technique delivers the claimed results

Waste management

  • Packaging recycling stalls

    The packaging regulations have failed to boost the reprocessing of packaging in the UK - and higher recycling targets have been met by exporting waste to facilities overseas


  • Carbon neutral diesel

    Greenergy is offering business customers the chance to offset carbon emissions from their diesel consumption - heralding an emerging market for "carbon neutral" products



  • Agency on hazardous waste

    The Environment Agency has called for a national plan to ensure that there is an adequate network of facilities to deal with hazardous industrial wastes

  • Transport plan panned

    A Parliamentary committee says that the Government's ten-year plan for transport is undermined by its failure to address the continuing decline in motoring costs

  • Move on EU chemicals policy

    The Government has clarified its stance on the reform of the EU's chemicals policy - but says the European Commission's timetable is over-optimistic


  • Prospects for Kyoto

    The EU and Japan have ratified the Kyoto Protocol - but prospects of the treaty entering into force are clouded by demands from Russia and Canada for more concessions


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