ENDS Report Issue 331, August 2002

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  • Share value and eco-efficiency

    Shares in pharmaceutical businesses with the best environmental standards have outperformed laggards by 17%

  • Impact of COMAH charges

    Charges for regulators' oversight of Britain's most hazardous installations have changed the relationship between inspectors and industry, according to an official study

  • Crypto scare in Glasgow

    The recent crypto scare in Glasgow has provoked a political storm and undermined public confidence in the newly formed Scottish Water


  • Retailers target chemicals

    Retailers including Boots and Marks & Spencer are supporting a campaign by Friends of the Earth to report on plans to phase out hazardous chemicals


UK policy

  • Acid gases strategy

    Compliance with EU emission ceilings may be jeopardised if the UK opts for a low-cost approach on large combustion plants

  • industry rejects tyres plan

    The Environment Agency is calling for statutory producer responsibility to be imposed on vehicle and tyre producers

  • Agenc's chemicals strategy

    The Environment Agency has set out a new framework for monitoring, control and communication activities on chemicals


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