ENDS Report Issue 333, October 2002

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  • New 'environmentalist' body

    A new body for 30,000 environmental professionals brings together existing institutes for waste, water, environmental science and environmental management

  • US phase-out for fluorochems

    The photographic, microelectronics and aviation sectors have negotiated exemptions from a US ban on certain fluorinated chemicals now the focus of environmental concern

  • Oil security in the greenhouse

    Concerns over oil security are kindling a new coalition of interests behind policies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases

Waste management

  • Retailers into phone recycling

    A nationwide scheme to take back and recycle old mobile phones has been launched with backing from network operators and retailers


  • Swiss Re looks at biocides

    Insurance giant Swiss Re has warned that biocides widely incorporated into products from kitchenware to toothpaste may increase manufacturers' and retailers' liabilities


UK policy

  • Water price review kicks off

    Water regulator Ofwat has warned that customers would be "unwise" to expect cuts in water bills in 2005

  • U-turn on financial provisions

    The policy to require financial guarantees from operators of waste facilities is to be scrapped for all sites other than landfills

EU policy

  • Revolution on WEEE begins

    The two EU Directives on the recycling of waste electrical equipment (WEEE) and restrictions on hazardous substances in appliances have finally been agreed


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