ENDS Report Issue 341, June 2003

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  • Chemicals Forum for the chop?

    The Chemicals Stakeholder Forum may face the axe just three years after its establishment. In June, the Forum issued its list of more than 100 "chemicals of concern"

  • Biomass in a mess

    Questions are being raised over the Government's support for biomass energy following the sale of the flagship Arbre plant and the insolvency of another developer

Waste management

  • Growth in waste stalls

    An official survey suggests that household waste is growing at well below the 3-4% annual rate assumed by many planners - although still fast enough to offset improved recycling


  • Retail pressure on palm oil

    Retailers and manufacturers of a wide range of food and cosmetic products are under pressure to minimise the contribution of palm oil plantations to rainforest destruction



  • Air travel feels the heat

    Ministers insist that they have no intention of managing demand for air travel - despite mounting concern that the forecast growth in aviation will undermine its climate change targets

UK policy

  • Plans for a greener Scotland

    Scotland's new ruling partnership has promised to adopt a distinctly greener hue - including proposals on water, environmental assessment and improved access to justice

EU policy

  • Waste 'recovery' up in smoke

    Incinerators look set to lose their windfall from the issue of packaging recovery notes after a European court ruling classified them as disposal rather than recovery operations


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