ENDS Report Issue 344, September 2003

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  • BP's safety failures

    An explosion and fire at BP's Grangemouth complex were precipitated by fragmented and failing management, according to a Health and Safety Executive report

  • Breakthrough on reporting

    The proportion of the UK's top 250 firms reporting on their environmental performance has now breached the 50% barrier

  • Water firms seek price hike

    The next round of water industry investment is taking shape, with companies calling for price rises averaging 30% and the environment agencies setting out their priorities

Waste management

  • Waste-derived fuels

    A study for the European Commission has outlined a possible strategic role for co-incineration facilities burning waste-derived fuels


  • Promoting greener products

    A Government advisory committee on product policy has called for a new business-focused body to develop and deliver new sustainable consumption initiatives


UK policy

  • EU emissions trading permits

    Operators of 2,000 UK installations falling under the EU emissions trading scheme will need to apply for permits from 1 November, and DEFRA has just issued draft regulations

  • Relaxation of co-firing rules

    A proposed relaxation on the rules for burning biomass in coal-fired power stations is sparking concerns that other renewables will be undermined and coal burning promoted

  • Landfill trading scheme

    DEFRA has outlines its latest plans for the landfill allowance trading scheme - and the method of allocating allowances has radically changed again


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