ENDS Report Issue 348, January 2004

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  • CIA rethink on certification

    Chemical companies are coming under pressure to have site management systems independently certified, following the example of the US chemical industry

  • Air quality targets in doubt

    Only a handful of councils have produced action plans to address problems with fine particles and nitrogen dioxide, targets for which kick in over the next two years

Waste management

  • Interest in hazwaste cells

    Major landfill operators have confirmed that they are likely to invest in separate cells for hazardous waste, but delays in permitting such sites may result in a shortage in capacity


  • New composting logo

    A new certification scheme for compostable packaging has been launched to help councils choose sacks that will not impede centralised organic waste schemes



  • Retailers support REACH

    Retailers including Marks & Spencer have given their support to the EU's proposed chemicals testing programme, in evidence to a Commons' committee

UK policy

  • Waste testing adds new costs

    Guidance on testing wastes, in line with EU landfill Directive requirements, has been issued by the Environment Agency, introducing significant costs for many industries

  • Costly goundwater plans

    The Government is trying to protect industry from the huge costs of possible harmonised EU groundwater quality standards under the proposed Directive on groundwater protection


  • Carbon allocation plan

    The Government has produced a draft allocation plan setting out CO2 emission caps for up to 1,500 installations in the UK - and has riled industry by taking a relatively tough line

  • Shifts in US climate politics

    A shift in US attitudes to climate policy is emerging - with Senate support for an emissions trading bill and far-reaching commitments from Democratic presidential hopefuls

  • Key points in allocation plan

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