ENDS Report Issue 351, April 2004

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  • Worries over IPPC rigour

    Consultants and inspectors are concerned that the drive to speed up IPPC permitting is undermining transparency and rigour

  • £450m bill for diffuse pollution

    Water companies will spend up to £450 million to remove nitrate and pesticide pollution from drinking water between 2005 and 2010

Waste management

  • Wrexham waste clean-up

    Thousands of abandoned drums of chemical waste have finally been cleared from a Wrexham recycling site thanks to the persistence of a neighbouring small business

  • Irish cattle waste heads to UK

    The Irish government has arranged for nearly 100,000 tonnes of stockpiled meat and bone meal to be incinerated in England


  • Blow on combustion plant

    The European Commission has challenged the UK's interpretation of the large combustion plants Directive - restricting the scope for coal-fired stations to "opt-out" of acid gas controls


UK policy

  • Scotland first on hazwaste

    Scotland has become the first part of the UK to apply the expanded EU hazardous waste list - albeit 30 months behind the EU deadline

  • REACH consultation

    The Government has issued a consultation on the controversial REACH regime for chemicals - and has reached some surprising conclusions on the costs and benefits of the scheme

EU policy

  • Agreement on Kyoto credits

    The EU's institutions have reached a deal that throws open the door to the use of imported credits in the EU emissions trading scheme


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