ENDS Report Issue 355, August 2004

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  • Clean-up threatens homes

    Chemicals firm Akzo Nobel wants to demolish three homes in Coventry to clean up a legacy of chemical contamination

  • Tories fight DEFRA 'flab'

    The Conservative Party wants to cut £477 million from the Environment Department's budget and cut 1,200 Environment Agency jobs

  • Green energy stalls

    Little or no progress toward Government targets on renewables on CHP was made during 2003/04, according to official data

Waste management

  • Rules on 'monolithic' wastes

    Existing waste treatment plants look unlikely to produce materials in compliance with forthcoming rules on monolithic wastes


  • Rethink on timber labelling

    The Forest Stewardship Council is about to re-launch its timber certification scheme with a major redesign of its label and standards



  • MPs attack green tax policy

    The drive to shift the burden of taxation from 'goods' to environmental 'bads' has stalled, according to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee

UK policy

  • Waste permit review shelved

    DEFRA has decided to suspend its review of waste site permitting, having concluded that its principal objectives would not be met

  • Transport jam tomorrow

    A new White Paper on transport promises to work towards a national road pricing scheme in the next decade - but fails to grapple with CO2 emissions

  • Emissions allocation latest

    The electricity supply industry appears to have won a greater allocation under the EU emissions trading scheme - leaving the UK national allocation plan in limbo


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