ENDS Report Issue 356, September 2004

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  • Blair boosts climate efforts

    The Prime Minister has set out plans to reinvigorate international efforts to combat "catastrophic" climate change

  • Green spend downturn

    Industry spending on environmental protection fell significantly in 2002 according to the latest DEFRA survey

  • IPPC challenges textile firms

    Textile firms are having to introduce environmental management procedures and assess the impact of their effluents under IPPC

  • Water investment pressure

    The Environment Agency has piled on the pressure over United Utilities' wastewater programme while London's mayor has backed a £2 billion Thames clean-up plan

Waste management

  • Metals firms' hazwaste fears

    Non-ferrous metals producers are concerned that the ban on co-disposal will mean that landfills will stop taking their wastes


  • New flame retardant fears

    An international group of safety experts has called for a phase-out of chlorinated phosphate ester flame retardants


UK policy

  • Water framework challenge

    The Environment Agency has outlines the scale of work needed to meet the 2000 Directive's targets in a series of river basin risk maps

  • DEFRA on UK carbon market

    The Environment Department is considering ways to drain the UK emissions trading scheme of its massive surplus of allowances


  • Tories set out green stall

    Tory leader Michael Howard has challenged Labour's record on climate change - but his party is struggling to develop a coherent package of environmental policies

  • Carbon offset market

    A growing number of firms are buying voluntary carbon offsets - but questions continue to surround the credibility of such schemes

  • Packaging challenge

    Meeting EU packaging recovery targets will mean that glass, plastics and cardboard recycling must rise substantially by 2008

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