ENDS Report Issue 362, March 2005

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  • How independent is the NAO?

    Last year's National Audit Office report into the UK emissions trading system was toned down after a draft was shown to DEFRA

  • SEPA’s permitting crisis

    The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has suspended routine inspections to cope with an expected flood of permit applications

Waste management

  • Export deal for waste pile

    Thousands of tonnes of abandoned waste from Britannia Zinc's former Avonmouth smelter is to be sent to Germany for recovery


  • Stink on air fresheners

    A court case in Europe has seen air freshener manufacturers fighting back against claims about the products' health risks



  • Economics of climate change

    The Government's Chief Scientist Sir David King hit out at climate change sceptics at a House of Lords inquiry in March

UK policy

  • Sustainable development plan

    A revised sustainable development strategy was launched in March - and promises a new focus on greener products and sustainable lifestyles

  • Air quality shake-up

    EU and UK air quality policies are shifting away from pollution "hotspots" towards reducing exposures to the population at large

  • Regulations on ELVs

    Three years late, the Department of Trade and Industry has issued regulations to implement the EU Directive on end-of-life vehicles


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