ENDS Report Weekly, 2 December 2010

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Listing over 350 green accounting tools, the Environment Tools Directory is the largest up-to-date, independent database of environmental software tools anywhere on the web. New tools can be listed and their details kept up to date for free. Users can rate and comment on any tools listed.

Top Stories

  • Convenience best way to boost recycling in flats

    UK councils are being encouraged to follow other countries’ initiatives to improve recycling in flats. The design of disposal systems, and outreach programmes to involve caretakers, have proven effective abroad.
  • Shale gas, groundwater and climate change

    The first company to seek shale gas in the UK has sunk its first borehole near Blackpool. But the new technology, which could hugely increase gas reserves, comes with the risk of polluting groundwater and other concerns, Gareth Simkins reports
  • How shale gas is produced

    Hydraulic fracturing is key to the extraction of shale gas
  • The rise and rise of green roofing

    Green roofs are changing the urban landscape of the UK, and are increasingly recognised as a tool in climate change adaptation. Philip Lightowlers investigates their environmental benefits
  • Green roofs and water

    Green roofs under UK conditions can reduce roof run off by as much as 80%.

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