ENDS Report , 28 July 2010

Carbon offsetters, talk to us

Do you offset or are you considering offsetting carbon emissions? ENDS would like to talk to organisations about experiences, policies and plans. If you would like to contribute, please email endscarbonoffsets@haymarket.com


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Benchmark your carbon performance

Is your carbon management better or worse than your competitors?  Are you more energy efficient? ENDS Carbon can benchmark your performance against a peer group, the FTSE 350, the Carbon Trust Standard, and more. Learn how to achieve and maintain above average or leadership performance. Find out more here


  • Post-2012 EU ETS work reaches key milestone

    The detailed framework for the next phase of the EU emissions trading scheme is finally falling into place, with an emissions cap and allowance auctioning system largely agreed. But there are still obstacles before it launches.
  • Demise of RDAs risks delivery of green initiatives

    The abolition of England’s regional development agencies places doubt over the future delivery of their functions. The economic wisdom of their abolition is also questionable
  • CDM limits threaten carbon price spike

    Proposed restrictions on UN international offsets generated under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism are designed to boost quality and new forms of offsets. But they could also damage investor confidence and lead to price spikes in the EU emissions trading scheme.
  • Carbon tax may not give boost to nuclear power

    Electricity market reform is vital to bring in new nuclear capacity, says KPMG. Even a carbon tax could fail to do this without a coherent long-term energy strategy

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