ENDS Report Weekly, 19 August 2010

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Green Mondays - Feed-In Tariffs: New opportunities for business.

Feed-In Tariffs: New opportunities for business. Our panel will address the key issues to help businesses of all shapes and sizes unlock the commercial value of FIT, secure upfront capital and how to overcome some of the implementation hurdles. This month’s speakers are from The Bundestag, BT and SEGRO – Apply now

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Tweaking national policy statements: a waste of energy?

Energy efficiency has always been the cheapest and best way to cut carbon emissions. But the draft national policy statement on energy pays little more than lip-service to it.

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  • REACH effectiveness baseline study faces more flak

    The EU’s methodology for measuring the success of its chemicals regime has attracted new criticism from UK government advisers.
  • Peat’s carbon emissions revealed

    Peat has a carbon footprint at least three times that of comparable growing media, research sponsored by the environment department (DEFRA) reveals.
  • English EIA regulations to be amended

    The government has proposed amending and consolidating legislation on environmental impact assessment to take account of court decisions, and to remove provisions that go beyond the EU's EIA Directive.
  • Exemptions for radioactive substances set to change

    As responses to a previous consultation on radioactive substances regulation identified a number of gaps and inconsistencies, the government is consulting again on revised proposals for a permit exemptions regime.
  • O2 sets out vision for greener workplace

    The mobile phone network operator has published a report attempting to show how communication technologies are part of the solution to climate change rather than a contributor to the problem


WWEM Announces Laboratory Conference

The organisers of WWEM 2010 (Telford, 10th & 11th November) have published details of their Conference, focussing on Laboratory Efficiency, Sustainability, Quality Procedures and Accreditation.  Ideal for Commercial Laboratories.  Delegates can also attend workshops and network with exhibiting companies.

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