ENDS Report Weekly, 6 January 2011

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ENDS is pleased to announce new special reports - indispensible reading for green professionals and available free on www.endsreport.com

* The Carbon Reduction Commitment: our 3rd special report on this complex and controversial energy saving scheme focuses on the prospects for further changes to the rules in 2011 and includes a first glimpse of numbers of organisations in different sectors that have registered as full participants.

* Carbon Offsets 2010: ENDS' third annual report on voluntary carbon offsetting looks at how the sector is weathering the economic storm. After its pre-launch at the Carbon Show in October the full report is now available online.

* ENDS Directory 2011: The latest edition of the UK's leading directory of eco-service providers is now out, including feature articles on 2011 prospects for environmental consultancies and on a new qualification for contaminated land professionals.

Top Stories


European Parliament launches call for external expertise

The European Parliament is launching a multiple framework service contract for IMPACT ASSESSMENT STUDIES (Ref.: IP/A/ALL/FWC/2010-141). The contract is divided into thematic lots including 'Food Safety and Health' (lot 3) and 'Environment and Energy' (lot 4). Deadline for applications: 14 January 2011. More details available here. 

Top Stories

  • Pollution inventory’s accuracy still questionable

    Suspect figures from plants regulated by local councils and the Environment Agency have blighted the UK’s pollution inventory, which has been newly updated with 2009 figures.
  • DEFRA sets new targets for peat phase-out

    DEFRA is revamping its policy on peat phase-out, setting new target dates for the public sector, amateur gardeners and horticulturalists to become peat free. It wants a complete phase out by 2030


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